Confidently Nail

your next job interview with the tools and strategies you need to leave a great impression



Confidently Nail

your next job interview with the tools and strategies you need to leave a great impression

Kind words

Christina believes in you and your strengths and challenges you to push yourself further in life in a way that you don't feel fearful. She holds your hand through the entire process and celebrates even the smallest of wins with you.

Vicki. G

I loved working with Christina because she was helpful and caring. She always used great examples of how to deal with certain situations and push me in the right direction. My resume helped me secure a position (more than once) and helped me realise my value as an employee (and now business owner).

Meagan. L

Calm those interview

jitters and land the job you desire

You know that feelingsweaty palms, heart racing, thoughts scattered. You feel it every time you've got a job interview. Scratch that! You feel it when you even think about preparing for a job interview. Pre-interview butterflies are normal; you’re not alone. But when you're armed with the right tools and strategies, you can control them and learn how to present your best self. Interview coaching gives you all this and more. 

This service is perfect for you if:

  • Your CV is getting you to interviews, but you keep missing opportunities and you don’t know why

  • You want to feel confident heading into an interview and communicate your value and experience with ease

  • You’re ready to remove the mental blocks to your job interview success

  • You want a competitive edge over other applicants.

Be The Success

you are meant to be

Ready to prepare for the interview of your life? Don’t worry. I know how daunting that sounds. But I’ve got you. As an experienced recruiter, I’ve got insider knowledge on what hiring managers are looking for in candidates, and interview coaching is exactly what you need to sell yourself in a competitive job market. 

You’ll learn how to control your nerves and fill yourself with the confidence you need to highlight your career achievements and secure the role you’re applying for.  

FROM $497

  • Mock interview and assessment

    Practice anticipating and answering questions in a safe and relaxed environment.

  • Two-hour face-to-face or Zoom consultation

    Since I’m a Melbourne interview coach, face-to-face consultations may be possible if you live in or near Melbourne. However, Zoom is just as effective when it comes to interview coaching.

  • Explore your limiting beliefs and
    how you sabotage interviews

    Uncover your roadblocks so you can learn to identify them and move towards career success.

  • Expert interview tools and strategies

    Feel prepared for your next interview by learning the tools and strategies to build positive rapport, answer questions clearly and succinctly, and present your value in a one-on-one or panel interview.

Need help with your CV?

Choose a CV and Interview Coaching Bundle

Bundles are clearly cost-effective. With this bundle, you’ll discover your strengths, learn how to highlight your most valuable skills and gain confidence in your interview skills through insightful and expert advice. If this sounds like the right fit for you, let’s chat

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My interview is in three days. Can you still help me?

Congratulations on the interview! Generally, yesI can accommodate clients who need urgent interview coaching for an upcoming job interview. This is dependent on my availability, so it’s best we jump on a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit and can make our schedules align. 

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What kind of people do you help?

As an experienced recruiter with a wealth of professional interview experience, I offer interview coaching to job seekers from a wide variety of industries and at all levels of experience. Whether you’re looking for a career change into a new industry or chasing a promotion in your current industry, I can help.

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How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on a few factors, but for most clients, I recommend at least one to two sessions. If you’re applying for a specific job, I’ll ask you for a copy of the position description so your mock interview is based on questions that you’re likely to be asked during the real interview. We’ll then work through your mock interview, discussing your responses and how you felt, and I’ll provide you with feedback. In some cases, you might feel the need to do another mock interview before the big day.