Make Your Career

dreams come true with the Elevate Her Career three-month career coaching package  

Career Coaching Program for Women


Make your career

come true with the Elevate Her Career three-month career coaching package  

Kind words

Christina believes in you and your strengths and challenges you to push yourself further in life in a way that you don't feel fearful. She holds your hand through the entire process and celebrates even the smallest of wins with you.

Vicki G.

Christina helped me understand my career goals and direction as well as my strengths and how I could use them to get me there.

Jessica. O

Gain The Confidence

and courage to thrive in your career

You’re feeling stuck in a role that no longer excites you. Belief in yourself and your skills is at an all-time low. And you’re feeling less confident in your career than you ever have. When you’re feeling like this, how do you muster the energy to get up every morning? And who do you turn to for help? Who can guide you through the transformation you need to get out of a career slump and empower you to get the career that you’ve always wanted? I canthrough my Elevate Her Career coaching program.

This program is suitable for you if:

  • You’re terrified of leaving your current job because you don’t think anyone will hire you or pay you what you’re worth

  • You love working, but you want out of your job or your industryin short, you want change

  • You’re existing in your world of work, but there’s no passion

  • You know you need more than just a new CV; you need a clearer vision of what you want for your career, and you need help getting there. 

Take the next step

towards your dream career

You might be wondering if a career coaching program is right for you. Is it worth the investment? Perhaps you’re wondering if you should just take your chances with a new CV or resume. Let me put it this way…

Can you afford to keep feeling the way you’re feeling right now? Can you afford to stay stuck in a career that brings you down instead of lifting you up? Will you survive another 5, 10 or 20 years doing the same thing you’re doing right now? My guess is, you can’t.

Investing in the Elevate Her Career coaching program will arm you with all you need to pursue and succeed in your dream career. It’s the whole kit and caboodle, and an investment that will last a lifetime.

Elevate her career
coaching program
FROM $1,897

  • Career stocktaking and wish list development

    We'll look at where your career has taken you to date so you’ll gain a clearer picture of where you want to go now and in your future.

  • Explore your limiting beliefs and how you self-sabotage in your career

    Learn how to identify the behaviours and actions that are holding you back from the career you desire.

  • Assess your strengths and discover more about what motivates you

    Uncover where your strengths lie so you’ll know what roles will make the most of your talents and motivate you to build a career you love.

  • CV review and creation

    We'll review your current CV, cut out what's not needed and only include what you need to present yourself for the role you really want.

  • Job search guidance

    Learn how to search for a role you're made to fill, with job search guidance and insider recruiter tips, hints and industry secrets. 

  • LinkedIn profile review

    Showcase your unique value with a LinkedIn profile that's worthy of networking and will improve your visibility to head-hunters and HR managers.

  • Networking opportunities

    This program goes beyond the normal line of career coaching by creating connections and networking opportunities to help you get ahead. 

  • Interview Coaching

    Feel confident and relaxed heading into your next interview with expert interview coaching, including a mock interview and assessment.

  • Position description analysis

    Learn how to analyse a position description for any role so you know how to position yourself for the role with confidence and clarity.

  • Employment contract education and your first 90 days

    Gain useful salary negotiation tips so you can pitch yourself at the right level.

  • Your personal brand

    Look at how you can lift your profile and show up as your authentic self.

  • Ongoing career support and mentoring

    Our journey doesn't end when your career coaching program ends. I'm here for you to ask questions or bounce ideas off to help you continue your journey to confidence, self-belief and a career you love.


Frequently Asked Questions

Career Coach Australia - Her Career Coach (21)

How frequent will our coaching sessions be?

We decide together how often and for how long we’ll meet. This program is tailored to your needs, but my clients usually decide that we’ll meet every week for an hour to an hour and a half.

Career Coach Australia - Her Career Coach (20)

How will I know that I need your program?

Some clients know straight away that they need more than a new CV or some interview prep. For others, it’s not as easy as that. That’s why I offer a discovery call where you can tell me what’s going on in your life and career at the moment and where you’d like to go, and then I’ll recommend a service to suit your needs and your budget. Ready to start with that discovery call? Book it today. 

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What payment options do you have?

I offer flexible payment arrangements to make it easier for my clients to get the career help they need when they need it. Payment for the Elevate Her Career coaching program is either upfront in full or through three partial payments.